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Translate to %s
ActionAdd LanguageAdd Language »Additional information: %sAllows your visitors to choose a Language.Also delete Translations for Categories/Tags/Link Categories.An error occured: %sAn serious error occured and qTranslate Services cannot proceed. For help, please visit the Support ForumAn unknown error occured with the selected service.Automatically check for .mo-Database Updates of installed languages.Below, you will find configuration settings for qTranslate Service Providers, which are required for them to operate.Both processes are irreversible! Be sure to make a full database backup before clicking one of the links.Cannot disable Default Language!Cannot use this service, not all required fields filled in for this service.Check this box and click Save Changes to reset all qTranslate settings.Choose the corresponding country flag for language. (Example: gb.png)Choose the default language of your blog. This is the language which will be shown on %s. You can also change the order the languages by clicking on the arrows above.ContinueConvert DatabaseCould not write to "%s", Gettext Databases could not be downloaded!Current Status: %sDate / Time ConversionDate FormatDefaultDefault LanguageDefault Language / OrderDeleteDeleting an open order doesn't cancel it. You will have to logon to the service homepage and cancel it there.Depending on the mode selected, additional customizations of the theme may be needed.Depending on your Date / Time Conversion Mode, you can either enter a strftime (use %q for day suffix (st,nd,rd,th)) or date format. This field is optional. (Example: %A %B %e%q, %Y)Depending on your Date / Time Conversion Mode, you can either enter a strftime or date format. This field is optional. (Example: %I:%M %p)Detect Browser LanguageDetect the language of the browser and redirect accordingly.DisableDisplay:Dropdown BoxERROR: Could not connect to qTranslate Services. Please try again later.EditEdit %sEdit LanguageEnableEnable qTranslate ServicesEnabling a language will cause qTranslate to update the Gettext-Database for the language, which can take a while depending on your server's connection speed.Feel free to choose an action:FlagFlag Image PathFor help on how to configure qTranslate correctly, take a look at the qTranslate FAQ and the Support Forum.Gettext databases updated.Hide Content which is not available for the selected language.Hide Title:Hide URL language information for default language.If something isn't working correctly, you can always try to reset all qTranslate settings. A Reset won't delete any posts but will remove all settings (including all languages added).If you are updating from qTranslate 1.x or Polyglot, click here to convert posts to the new language tag format.If you have installed qTranslate for the first time on a Wordpress with existing posts, you can either go through all your posts manually and save them in the correct language or click here to mark all existing posts as written in the default language.Ignore LinksImage onlyIncorrect Flag Image Path! Please correct it!LanguageLanguage CodeLanguage Code has to be 2 characters long!Language ManagementLanguage Management (qTranslate Configuration)Language is already disabled!Language is already enabled or invalid!Language is already first!Language is already last!LanguagesLet qTranslate Services check if any open orders are finished.LocaleMessage to display if post is not available in the requested language. (Example: Sorry, this entry is only available in %LANG:, : and %.)NameNew order saved.No open orders.No such language!Not Available MessageOpen OrdersOptions saved.Order deleted.Order successfully sent.PHP and Wordpress Locale for the language. (Example: en_US)Please choose the language you want to translate to:Post TitlePost with id "%s" not found!Request TranslationReset qTranslateSave ChangesSave Changes »ServiceService ConfigurationSettingsSource LanguageStatus updated for all open orders.Target LanguageText and ImageText onlyThe Language must have a Locale!The Language must have a Not-Available Message!The Language must have a name!The Name of the language, which will be displayed on the site. (Example: English)The Post already has content for the selected target language. If a translation request is send, the current text for the target language will be overwritten.The language/s do not have a valid ISO 639-1 representation.The language/s you used are not supported by the service.The requested Post has no content, no Translation possible.The server returned a debugging message.The service returned this message: %sThe system could not process your order.There has been an error with the selected service.There is already a language with the same Language Code!There is no such service.Time FormatTitle:To translate a post, please go to the edit posts overview.TranslateTranslate a different post.Translate this post to another language.Translate toURL Modification ModeUpdate Gettext DatabasesUpdate Gettext databases now.Use Pre-Domain Mode (uses http://en.yoursite.com)Use Pre-Path Mode (Default, puts /en/ in front of URL)Use Query Mode (?lang=en)Use emulated date function and replace formats with the predefined formats for each language.Use emulated date function.Use strftime instead of date and replace formats with the predefined formats for each language.Use strftime instead of date.View all open orders.View this post.WebsiteWhen checked, posts will be hidden if the content is not available for the selected language. If unchecked, a message will appear showing all the languages the content is available in.When the frontpage is visited via bookmark/external link/type-in, the visitor will be forwarded to the correct URL for the language specified by his browser.Yes, I really want to reset qTranslate.You will need to install the .mo file for this language.Your article is available in multiple languages. If you do not want to translate from %1$s, you can switch to one of the following languages: %2$sYour article will be SSL encrypted and securly sent to qTranslate Services, which will forward your text to the chosen Translation Service. Once qTranslate Services receives the translated text, it will automatically appear on your blog.Your translation order has been successfully transfered to the selected service.qTranslate Language ChooserqTranslate ServicesqTranslate Services SettingsqTranslate Services will automatically check every hour whether the translations are finished and update your posts accordingly. You can always check manually.qTranslate has been reset.qTranslate will query the Wordpress Localisation Repository every week and download the latest Gettext Databases (.mo Files).Project-Id-Version: qTranslate-X Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2016-04-23 02:27-0600 PO-Revision-Date: 2011-04-06 23:16+0800 Last-Translator: SilverFox Language-Team: SilverFox MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Poedit-Language: Chinese X-Poedit-Country: CHINA X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8 X-Poedit-Basepath: ..\ %LANG:<普通分隔符>:<末尾分隔符>% 将生成以<普通分隔符>为分隔的语言列表,最后一个语言前则以<末尾分隔符>替代。该语言的双字符ISO语言编号。(例:en)

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翻译为 %s
动作添加语言添加语言 »附加信息: %s允许访问者选择某个语言。将分类、标签以及链接分类的翻译一并删除。发生错误:%sqTranslate 服务发生严重错误,无法继续运行。如需帮助,请访问支持论坛所选择的服务报告一个未知错误。为所启用的语言自动检查 .mo 数据文件的更新。以下为 qTranslate 服务提供商所使用的配置。所有操作均不可撤消!请确保在点击前述链接前已完整备份数据库。无法禁用默认语言!无法使用此服务,未填充某些必填项。勾选此框并点击保存设置将重置所有 qTranslate 设置。请选择语言相应的国家旗帜 (例:gb.png)请选择博客的默认语言。这将是 %s 所显示的语言版本 。您亦可通过单击语言前的箭头调整显示顺序。继续转换数据库无法写入 "%s",Gettext 数据文件无法下载!当前状态: %s日期/时间转换日期格式默认默认语言默认语言/顺序删除删除一个处于打开状态的订单并未取消它。您需要登录至服务主页并取消该订单。根据被选择的模式,您可能需要额外调整主题。根据所选择的日期/时间转换模式,您可输入符合 strftimedate 格式的字符串。该字段为可选项。(例:%A %B %e%q, %Y)根据所选择的日期/时间转换模式,您可输入符合 strftimedate 格式的字符串。该字段为可选项。(例:%I:%M %p)侦测浏览器语言侦测浏览器语言并据此跳转。禁用显示:下拉框错误:无法连接至qTranslate服务,请稍候重试。编辑编辑 %s编辑语言启用启用 qTranslate 服务启用某语言将使 qTranslate 更新该语言的 Gettext 数据文件,所耗费时间取决于您服务器的连接速度。请选择一个动作:旗帜旗帜图片路径若需了解如何正确设置 qTranslate,请访问 qTranslate FAQ 以及支持论坛。Gettext 数据文件已更新。若文章内容不存在选定语言的翻译版本时将隐藏。隐藏标题:为默认语言隐藏 URL 语言路径。若某些功能无法正常工作,您可尝试重置所有 qTranslate 设置。重置不会删除任何文章但将删除所有设置(包括所有新增的语言)。如果您由 qTranslate 1.x 或 Polyglot 升级而来,请点击这里将文章转换为新语言标记格式。如果在已有文章被发表的博客上安装 qTranslate,您可将所有文章手动标记为对应语言版本并保存,或点击这里将所有文章标记为默认语言版本。忽略的链接仅图像无效的旗帜图片路径!请修正!语言语言编号语言编号仅限2个字符长度!语言管理语言管理 (qTranslate 配置)该语言已被禁用!该语言已启用或不可用!该语言已处于首位!该语言已位于末位!语言由 qTranslate 服务检查是否任一已打开的订单是否完成。区域文章未在所请求的语言下翻译的提示信息。(例:抱歉,该内容仅提供了 %LANG:、:以及% 版本。)名称新订单已保存。无已打开的订单。无此语言!无可用信息已打开的订单选项已保存。订单已删除。订单已成功发送。该语言的PHP及Wordpress区域编号。(例:en_US)请选择您想翻译的目标语言:文章标题未找到编号"%s"的文章!请求翻译重置 qTranslate保存选项保存选项 »服务服务配置设置源语言所有已打开的订单状态已更新。目标语言文本及图像仅文本未定义该语言的区域字段!未定义该语言的无可用信息字段!未定义该语言的名称字段!语言的名称,将显示在网站上。(例:English)该文章在所选择的目标语言版本中已有内容。如发送翻译请求,目标语言版本中的当前内容将被覆盖。(这些)语言未包含有效的 ISO 639-1 定义。服务不支持(这些)语言。所请求的文章无内容,无需翻译。服务器已返回一条调试信息。服务返回消息: %s系统无法处理您的订单。所选择的服务报告一个已知错误。已存在相同语言编号的语言定义!无此服务。时间格式标题:如需翻译某篇文章,请点击编辑文章总览。翻译翻译不同的文章。翻译此文章为其他语言。翻译为URL 修订模式更新 Gettext 数据文件现在更新 Gettext 数据文件。采用子域名模式 (http://en.yoursite.com)采用路径前缀模式 (默认,在 URL 之前放置 /en/ )采用查询字符串模式 (?lang=en)使用模拟的 date 函数,并采用各语言的预定义格式。使用模拟的 date 函数。使用模拟的 strftime 函数,并采用各语言的预定义格式。使用模拟的 strftime 函数。查看所有打开的订单。查看此文章。网站地址若勾选,则当前内容在选定的语言下未翻译时文章将隐藏。若未勾选,则将显示为当前内容的所有其他语言翻译版本链接的消息。当通过书签、外部链接、手动输入方式访问首页时,插件将会按照访问者浏览器设定的语言自动转向到对应的URL。是,我确定重置 qTranslate。您需要安装此语言的 .mo 文件。您的文章已包含有多个语言版本。若您不想翻译%1$s版本,可翻译以下语言版本:%2$s。您的文章将通过 SSL 加密传输至 qTranslate 服务,之后再转发至所选择的翻译服务。一旦 qTranslate 服务接获已翻译的文本,将自动更新至您的博客。您的翻译订单已成功传递至所选择的服务。qTranslate 语言选择qTranslate 服务qTranslate 服务设置qTranslate 服务每小时将自动检查翻译是否已完成并更新您的对应文章。您亦可手动检查。qTranslate 已重置。qTranslate 将每周查询 Wordpress 多语言版本仓库并下载最新的 Gettext 数据文件 (.mo 文件)。
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